The High School Graduates Owner's Manual

High School Graduates Owner's Manual

 Would You Like to Help a Graduate

Make Better Decisions?

For Graduation, Give Them  

The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual*

More valuable than cash, The High School Graduates Owner's Manual provides direction, insight, and shortcuts to success that every young person can use, and greatly benefit from if they even take one of the recommended actions.  

One phase of their formal education is complete.  To give them an advantage on where they take things from here, Give the Grad the Gift of Experience!

Please note:  For a limited time only, Shipping is $4.95/order, whether you purchase 1 or 10 or more copies of the book to gift the Grads you know.  No discount code needed!  Buy in quantity and save!

   Thank you for your order!  Make sure to designate a Charity for a $1.00 Donation!  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

 *  If you would like to review a PDF version of the book, simply request one be emailed to you at the time of your order in the Special Instruction Box.  After reviewing the PDF, if you decide you wish to cancel your order, your purchase amount will be refunded.  There are also several reviews of the work on the Review tab.

$ 14.95