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Nancy R                               5 Stars
Appleton, WI                        

Rather than giving cash to my "all-knowing" daughter and her friends for their high school graduation, I plan to give them "The High School Graduate's Owner's Manual." I thought the book's advice was fun to read and no-nonsense - like "DON'T get a tattoo on your FACE". It is targeted for all High School Seniors -but the info is just as valid for college students and beyond.

I just found out the author will donate $4.00 per book purchased to our Appleton East High School Parent's Association as a fundraiser. So, I'm letting everyone know in case you purchase a book, could you please use promo code AHS EPA.

OR if you are looking for ways to GIVE to your student's school, this might be an opportunity. Email Jim Egan (author) at the website   ( ) and set up an ONLINE CODE for whatever organization you want to see get $$. Egan will also send a PDF preview of the book. His blogs are fun to read as well.

Hopefully this doesn't sound like a self promo add - but just a friendly share. I have not met the author (yet), but enjoyed the book's content and wished I had received a book like this when I was 18.



John F                               5 Stars
Kenosha, WI                        

This is an excellent and insightful book for our kids. Thought provoking and provides some common sense, along with action steps to be taken for life-long success. I am giving copies to my boys!



Wayne A.                           5 Stars
Appleton, WI 

I have built several companies and been part of several others.  I wish my employees could have read this book to be better ready for life's challenges.

I found it to be a fascinating read as well as a guide to graduates, parents and upcoming graduates to begin to chart a life/career path.

This book is long overdue and would have been a great tool for me during my formative years.  Jim has captured the essence of what it takes to prepare for life after high school or college by not only setting a path, but by giving the essence of why, how and when to begin that journey for career building and planning.

If you are the recipient or the one giving this book as a gift you are both in for a positive learning experience. 


Nikki C                           5 Stars
Neenah, WI

I graduated high school almost 25 years ago.  I wish a book like this existed back then.  Even though it didn't, it's amazing that I was still able to pick up nuggets of information from it even at 40 + years old.  This is a must have for high school graduates and an excellent read for everyone else.


Mike I                           5 Stars
Mequon, WI

An entertaining, insightful & informative read that provides concise & directed useful information & advise.  Useful information for H.S. grads to start them off in the right direction.  Highly recommended. 


Dan K                           5 Stars
Freedom, WI

I have two copies I have given as gifts .I'll be getting more. Such good common sense. Every grad should have one. 


Joan S                           5 Stars
Stevens Point, WI

The "High School Graduates Owner's Manual" is by far, the most practical and easy to put into motion advice that all graduates need, and need NOW!  I especially like that each chapter ends with a Take Away Idea and Action to Take which solidifies the message and gives the reader a call to action.


 Matt F                            5 Stars

Kenosha, WI

I read it through to make sure it was an appropriate gift - it is and it's great!  I'll be ordering several more copies.


Dr. Jack L                      4 Stars
Madison, WI

Great information for High School kids of any age.  Would like to see a little more on health and dental hygiene.  Really liked the reputation chapter!


Mary M                          5 Stars
Grand Chute, WI

It's the best $15.00 investment you will ever spend  to help a High School graduate get off to a knowledgeable start in life with confidence.


 Steve S                          5 Stars

Edgerton, WI

The perfect gift of Common Sense for those HS grads starting a new chapter in their young lives. I wish this manual was available sooner as I can think of several instances where the advice given in the book could have been put to good use. Worth every penny.


 George M                       5 Stars

New Berlin, WI

This is the perfect HS graduation gift for today's youth.  A quick read packed with relevant real life topics to help any HS Graduate succeed in life.