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---------------------------The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual--------------------------


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What If You Knew Then What You Know Now?

The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual provides lifetime lessons that young people can put to use right now! 

Neenah, WI – As a member of the High School Class of 2017, would you be better off if you knew the life lessons right now that many don’t learn and fully comprehend until they are at a much more advanced age?  What if you were given simple concise insights into how to protect your good credit, your reputation, and maybe even your face?  Those lessons and more are served up in the 14 chapters that make up The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual.

It’s a fact that today’s high school graduates have access to more information that at any time in history.  The problem is, with so much information available, it’s more difficult than ever for a young person to determine what’s important, what’s not, and what actions should be avoided at all costs.  The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual provides guidance on 14 different topics. If the reader follows the actionable take-away points at the end of even one chapter, their adult life will start out smarter, and ultimately lead to a higher quality of life.

If the reader makes a commitment to themselves to use the advice in the work to their best advantage, it’s likely they will avoid the mistakes that many young people make because they just don’t know any better.  Some of the nuggets of information they will be able to use immediately; other chapters deal with things they will surely encounter a few years down the road. Either way, the work provides them with a roadmap that will help them avoid the mistakes that many young people make as they begin the transition to adulthood.

The final chapter is entitled ‘Give Something Back’That’s a core philosophy of the author, and is a key element to how the book will be marketed.  For every order placed online, one dollar will be donated to the charity selected by the purchaser.

For non-profit and charitable organizations that actively promote the book, up to five dollars will be donated to any group that has registered as a promo partner and has been assigned a Promo Code that is used at check out.

For more info on how this will work, go to, and click on the Giving Back button.


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