For a very limited time, two types of investments are available for this project.  The funds invested will cover the up front marketing costs and other expenses required to get the work from the edit stage to the fulfillment stage.

There are two types of shares available:

2 for 1 ROI.  These shares sell for $5,000 each, and are considered 'retired' when $10,000 is payed back.  Projected payback period extends through the second year of the books release, but it is very likely they will be retired in Calendar 2016.

1% of Author Revenue for 1st Two Years.  These shares also sell for $5,000 each, and provide a payback of 1% of all Author revenue over the 1st two years of the works release, after expenses.  When the work takes off, the return should be significant.  Payout for the 1% Shares will occur at the end of Calendar 2016 and 2017.

Contact for complete details on this very limited opportunity.