High School / Church / Scout Troop Fund Raiser

What if there was a way to create a revenue stream for your School, Team, Parent Association, Club, Church Group or Scout Troop, and all you had to do to receive a nice donation was to make others aware of a great gift idea for the Class of 2017?

There is and you can, but you'll have to hurry!

The High School Graduates Owner's Manual is the Go-to gift for Graduating High School Seniors this season, and HSG Media, Inc. is donating $4.00/copy + USB* to school groups and other organizations that help spread the word.  Simply help make the parents of The Class of 2017 aware of the book, share the promo code, and any orders received using your promo code will earn $4.00/book + USB* 

There is no selling, no inventory, no cost.  Simply share a great gift idea for graduating seniors.

However, since only one team or club per school will be assigned the promo code, time is of the essence!  

Promotion dates are subject to change at any time, as are payout amounts.  Once an organization gets approved, they lock in payout amounts and duration of promotion.  If promotion gets extended, it extends for them at previous locked-in payout amount.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click on the Promo Partner App link below, and complete the application form.  Fill in all fields that are requested.  Please note that this must be completed by a teacher, coach, or adult leader of the organization.  
  2. You will be notified within 48 hours if you are the 1st group from your school to submit an application, and have been selected to promote the book to the parents of the senior class in your school.
  3. To activate your account, an order for a single book must be placed using the promo code assigned within 48 hours.  If the account is not activated within 48 hours, the position will be re-opened to other organizations at the school.
  4. Once account is activated, a promotion kit will be emailed to the leader of your organization, with suggested email content and messages to send out to the parents of the Class of 2017.

If you would like to review the Chapter Summary and Table of Contents to make sure the message of the work aligns with your values, click on the link below.  If you would like to review a full PDF version of the work, simply request it and one will be emailed to you.

Table of Contents/Chapter Summaries

    Promotion runs through May 27, 2017. 

    Complete recap of order activity will be provided to all promotion participants.  Donation payments will be sent out on or around August 1, 2017.

    To Submit an Application to be the designated promotion partner for The High School Graduates Owner's Manual, please click on the link below, fill out the Application, and submit it to Jim@GradGiftNow.com .  If you do not have access to a scanner, simply provide the information asked for in an email.

    Promo Partner App

    *USB is the Unlimited Sharing Bonus.  Once a school organization has been assigned a promo code, they are eligible to refer other organizations from other schools, or Church Groups.  Simply send your target list in, wait for confirmation that the School or Church has not been already reserved or assigned a promo code, and your organization will receive one dollar/book for all units sold using their promo code.

    Send your target list to Jim@GradGiftNow.com.  Confirmation will come back to you within 48 hours, and organizations will be assigned in the order the requests are received.