GED Talks

Can You Change a Life in 60 Minutes?

Introducing the GED Talks, A TED Talk style presentation for high school kids of any age.

Author Jim Egan presents several of the core concepts of The High School Graduates Owner's Manual in a lively, 60 minute GED Talk presentation that is guaranteed to provide some life-changing life lessons to those formative, impressionable young minds in the audience.

Presented in a conversational, non-lecturial style, Egan drives home the life lessons using humorous, real world examples.  Audience will learn they have specific choices to make as they go through life, and if they make the right choice, the quality of their life will increase dramatically.

Specific topics covered include:

Introductory pricing is $3,000.00 (+ travel expenses), and includes 400 copies of The High School Graduates Owner's Manual.  The $3,000.00 provides for up to two(2) one hour presentations, and can be shared between two different schools within reasonable proximity.  Additional copies of the book are available for $5.00/each, if additional copies are needed for anticipated number of attendees.

Local corporate sponsorship assistance is also available if an interested school needs help coming up with the presentation fee.

For more information or to lock in the dates for your GED Talk, send email to