Whose Fault is it When Your Son or Daughter Comes Home From College With a Tattoo on Their Face?

Posted by Jim Egan on March 12, 2016 . 0 Comments

Unimaginable for any parent that thought they did everything right in raising their children, yet it happens everyday in America.  In researching this topic, I was stunned by the endless images available online of young people that have all but eliminated any chance they have to live a normal, productive life because of a bad decision they made in a very weak moment. 

Can a parent do anything to prevent their child from going down this road?  There is no question that tattoos are here to stay (pun intended), but what can you do to help an impressionable child be better prepared when peer pressure starts to push them in this direction?

My suggestion is to have the conversion with them before they reach a stage where it is too late to turn back, and they have already mentally crossed that bridge.  I don't have a problem with other people getting tattoos, I just didn't want either of my kids to ever get one.  The result?  Both of my children are in their mid 20's and are still 100% ink free (as far as I know), and I attribute it to something I did with them from an early age. 

Every time we would see someone with a Tattoo anywhere on their skin, I would point it out and make a comment about how much it hurts when you get a tattoo applied to your skin, and how often they get infected along with other very bad things that will happen.  I had no personal knowledge or factual basis to base these statements on, but I had the 'Dad Card' in my pocket, and I would play it as needed.

A few years later when we moved into a condo, we met a very nice lady in her 30s who was going through the process of having several tattoos removed.  Again, the Dad Card came out, and I provided 'information' on how painful the tattoo removal process must surely be.

So what is the best way to make sure you as a parent never have to experience the lifetime shock of meeting your child at the door with a face full of ink?   Have a conversation.  And have it early enough that it will have a better chance of taking hold.

For ideas for timely conversations to have with your teenage children before they leave the nest, click below for brief summaries of 15 topics that are worth talking about. 

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