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“The Packers are like your kids. You don’t love them because they’re good; You love them because they're yours”     Anonymous Packer Fan 


When I was asked to pick out a favorite chapter of The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual to put on the website, it was much harder than I thought it would be. The reason is, just like the quote above from a Packer fan comparing the Green Bay Packers to his kids, to an author, each chapter has something different to offer, and something different that you like about it.

 I settled on Chapter 4, Where do Great Ideas Come From?, because I think it really captured the spirit of the message of the work. Everyone has great ideas at one time or another. The challenge is to be able to recognize them, and find a way to use them to your advantage, or for the greater good. 

I hope you enjoy this initial sample of the High School Graduates Owner’s Manual.
Click below for the PDF of Chapter 4.


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