Are High School Kids Getting Bad Advice???

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  Mike Rowe was recently on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News.  Mr. Rowe gained national fame when his show entitled Dirty Jobs ran on Discovery Channel.   On Dirty Jobs, Mr. Rowe put the spotlight on dirty, nasty jobs that people do every day.  To many of the viewing audience, it would be unimaginable to do the jobs that were featured and profiled on the show each week, yet many of them were fairly high paying, secure, and vitally necessary.  Sounds like lifestyle and job security to me.

On the Carlson show Mr. Rowe lamented the huge amount of debt college grads are entering the workforce with, many of them with degrees, but not any marketable skills that employers are looking for, or even worse, skills that may get them a job, but one where the compensation is so minimal that they have no shot at paying...

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Whose Fault is it When Your Son or Daughter Comes Home From College With a Tattoo on Their Face?

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Unimaginable for any parent that thought they did everything right in raising their children, yet it happens everyday in America.  In researching this topic, I was stunned by the endless images available online of young people that have all but eliminated any chance they have to live a normal, productive life because of a bad decision they made in a very weak moment. 

Can a parent do anything to prevent their child from going down this road?  There is no question that tattoos are here to stay (pun intended), but what can you do to help an impressionable child be better prepared when peer pressure starts to push them in this direction?

My suggestion is to have the conversion with them before they reach a stage where it is too late...

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Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Were Better

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In the conclusion section of The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual, I reference a quote from Jim Rohn which stated: “Formal Education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune”.  The point was, as a young person, you have limitless opportunities that await you.  Do all that you can to educate yourself in order to learn how best to take advantage of them.


Jim Rohn was a common sense philosopher, motivator and thought leader in the second half of the 20th century, whose books and speeches would benefit anyone who took the time to read what he had to say.  The concept behind the above quote in particular is one that needs to be understood today, especially as the young people on our college campuses ‘Feel the Bern’, and seem to be willing to trade the American Dream for a Utopian fantasy where...

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You Suck. So Does Everybody Else. It's OK

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You Suck.  So Does Everybody Else.  It’s OK.

This is the title of the 2nd Chapter of The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual.  It was pointed out to me by one early reader of the work that it was a very inappropriate title for a chapter designed for young people.  She suggested the title be discarded and the chapter be combined with one later in the book.  I appreciate all feedback, but feel the chapter title was a great lead in to the message in the chapter, which addresses the fact that everyone sucks at almost everything until they put in the time and effort required to get good, or even great at it.

 I’m a good example of someone who didn’t like to do anything I wasn’t good/great at.  When I was a kid, I was a natural athlete.  Anything requiring eye/hand coordination that included...

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My Favorite Chapter

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“The Packers are like your kids. You don’t love them because they’re good; You love them because they're yours”     Anonymous Packer Fan 


When I was asked to pick out a favorite chapter of The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual to put on the website, it was much harder than I thought it would be. The reason is, just like the quote above from a Packer fan comparing the Green Bay Packers to his kids, to an author, each chapter has something different to offer, and something different that you like about it.

 I settled on Chapter 4, Where do Great Ideas Come From?, because I think it really captured the spirit of the message of the work. Everyone has great ideas at one...

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What If You Knew Then What You Know Now?

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The High School Graduates Owner’s Manual began as an idea to fill a void in what I felt was an underserved graduation gift market. 

With 10 years spent with Hallmark Cards early in my career, I knew the gift and seasonal markets very well. When looking for a card for someone in May of 2015 at the Hallmark Store in Neenah, WI, I spent some time looking over what they had available for graduates. The store was a Hallmark ‘Gold Crown’ store, or the best of the best.


In a word, the selection was very underwhelming. A lot of gewgaw and congratulatory type things, but nothing that most graduates would proudly display or even take along with them when they moved on to whatever was their next stop after either high school or college.

 So I had what I thought to...

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